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  Prof. Dr. Thomas Beißinger

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Links for Economists - European Union

ECB: European Central Bank
Press releases, key speeches, publications, statistics, general information on the ECB.
European Commission: Economic and Financial Affairs
Comprehensive information about economic and financial issues in the European Union.
European Employment Observatory
The key aim for the European Employment Observatory is the provision of information and comparative research on employment policies and labour market trends in Europe.
European Institute for International Economic Relations
The EIIW, a politically independent non-profit organization, is the first economic research institute in Germany which analyzes international economic problems from a genuine European perspective. A major research focus is on the requirements for a stable and efficient international division of labor and technologies, including the integration of eastern Europe. Topics of real business as well as of economic policy are analyzed. 
European Economic Integration Homepage
Europa: European Union's Server
General presentation and direct access to the home pages of the
European institutions. Access to press releases from the EU institutions, the calendar of upcoming events, the official euro rates, the latest statistics and other news services. Basic information on the European Union, citizens rights, key issues such as the euro and employment; access to official documents, legal texts, publications and databases.
CORDIS, Community Research and Development Information Service, represents a central source of information crucial for any organisation - be it industry, small and medium-sized enterprises, research organisations, universities - wishing to participate in the exploitation of research results, participate in EU funded science and technology programmes and/or seek partnerships. CORDIS places key information on all EU research activities at your fingertips.