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Links for Economists - Data

Bureau of Labor Statistics
The Bureau of Labor Statistics (USA) is the principal fact-finding agency for the Federal Government in the broad field of labor economics and statistics. It has a dual role as the statistical arm of the Department of Labor and as an independent national statistical agency that collects, processes, analyzes, and disseminates sensitive economic and statistical data to the public, Congress, other Federal agencies, State and local governments, and business.
Central Archive for Empirical Social Science Research at the University of Cologne (Zentralarchiv für empirische Sozialforschung an der Universität zu Köln)
The Central Archive archives primary material (data, questionnaires, code plans) and results of empirical studies in order to prepare them for secondary analyses and to make them available to the interested public. The range of the ZA encompasses all technical areas in which procedures of empirical and historical social research are used.
CIA-World Economic Fact Book
Country Reports on Economic Policy and Trade Practices
provided by the U.S. Department of State.
Current Employment Statistics (USA, Bureau of Labor Statistics)
The Current Employment Statistics (CES) survey of payroll records covers over 390,000 businesses on a monthly basis and provides detailed industry data on employment, hours, and earnings of workers on nonfarm payrolls for the USA.
Current Population Survey (CPS)
The Current Population Survey (CPS) is a monthly survey of about 50,000 households conducted by the Bureau of the Census for the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The survey has been conducted for more than 50 years. The CPS is the primary source of information on the labor force characteristics of the U.S. population. 
EconData&Links (Economics Dept CSU Fresno)
Economagic: Economic Time Series Page
This page is meant to be a comprehensive site of free, easily available economic time series data useful for economic research, in particular economic forecasting. At this time, there are more than 100,000 time series for which data and custom charts can be retrieved. Though the greatest utility of this site is the vast number of economic time series, and the easily modified charts of that same data, an overlooked facility of great utility is the availability of Excel files for all series. The majority of the data is USA data. The core data sets involve US macroeconomic data (that is, for the whole US), but the bulk of the data is employment data by local area -- state, county, MSA, and many cities and towns.
Economics Data Collections
EDIRC: Central Banks, Monetary Authorities
EDIRC: Statistical Offices
Economic Growth Data Sets
Links to: Penn World Tables, Barro-Lee data set, Summers-Heston data set, Sachs and Warner data sets and more!!
Empirical Investigations in International Trade
maintained by Jon Haveman, Bureau of Economics, Public Policy Institute of California.
Foreign Labor Statistics
The Foreign Labor Statistics (FLS) program provides international comparisons of hourly compensation costs; productivity and unit labor costs; labor force, employment and unemployment rates; and consumer prices. The comparisons relate primarily to the major industrial countries, but other countries are included in certain measures. Because statistical concepts and methods vary from country to country, international comparisons of statistical data can be misleading. The Bureau of Labor Statistics attempts to derive meaningful comparisons by selecting a conceptual framework for comparative purposes;
analyzing foreign statistical series and selecting those which most nearly match the desired concepts; and adjusting statistical series, where necessary and feasible, for greater inter-country comparability. 
Labor Force Statistics from the Current Population Survey (USA, Bureau of Labor Statistics)
Luxembourg Income Study
Penn World Tables
Social Science Data Archives - Europe
Statistical Resources on the Web: Labor and Employment
Statistisches Bundesamt (Federal Statistical Office Germany)
Statistik Regional: Gemeinsames WWW-Angebot der statistischen Ämter der Länder und des Bundes
Surveys & Programs (USA, Bureau of Labor Statistics)
U.S. Department of Commerce

World Bank Data